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Delivery Date has been Set!

We have had some huge developments in the last few days regarding the birth of the babies! It’s a lot to process and very overwhelming but I’m going to do my best to summarize so everyone is up to date and knows what’s coming! The doctor came by for the regular check in on Sunday and dropped the bomb that he thinks it might be best to move the delivery up by a week or so. I think we were so surprised to hear that that we couldn’t really process fast enough to ask for clarification. Luckily, I was quick enough to ask if he could come back later that day for a scheduled sit down to talk through the delivery which we hadn’t really had a chance to do yet. So we had time throughout the day to prepare our thoughts and questions before he came back and I was very thankful that we had the time. Our main question was, why do you think we need to consider moving the delivery date up? Has something changed? Are you having more concerns about the babies or seeing data from their tracings that is …

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